Let's look a little deeper into Reiki healing. It is not entirely easy to explain energy in words, Reiki speaks best for itself. Below I have added an explanatory text from the Swedish United Reiki Association which I think gives a pretty good picture of Reiki's philosophy and its uses. The experience of Reiki is something completely different, if you want to understand in depth - book a treatment! 

Reiki healing is a soft and at the same time effective treatment method for, for example, pain and stress, anxiety and physical and mental tensions. Reiki works with the body's natural healing processes and replenishes the energy supply - a method with many uses in our modern society. Reiki in its current form comes from Japan, but has thousands of years of roots in Tibet, among other places. Reiki is a form of healing, it does not presuppose any religious belief or conviction, neither for the practitioner nor the person being treated. Reiki can be given and received by everyone, whether you are spiritually or scientifically inclined, and you do not have to "believe in healing" for it to work. Modern research on Reiki shows that the method is effective in a number of different contexts. Reiki is today classified as rehabilitative wellness by the Swedish Tax Agency. This means that in Sweden you can use your fitness allowance for Reiki. 

How does Reiki work? 

Reiki works on several levels simultaneously, partly through the physical touch, which activates "feel-good hormones" in the body such as oxytocin, partly through the body's subtle energy system such as acupuncture and acupressure. There are also similarities with therapies such as the Rosen method, which involves storing painful memories in the body in the form of physical tensions and blockages, and through the touch you release the tensions and the client can then let go of what caused the pain from the beginning. Reiki healing is a holistic treatment method, which assumes that the body and psyche are a whole. Therefore, you often treat the whole body, even if you have problems that are perceived as limited to a certain place.

What does Reiki mean?

 Reiki is Japanese and consists of two words: rei, which means "universal" and ki, which means "life energy" and is equivalent to Chinese chi and prana in India. Universal life energy refers to the highest known energy level, which is then divided into "lower" energy levels in different contexts, such as the energy used in Tai Chi. 

What can Reiki do for me? 

Reiki relieves pain and relieves tension, both physically and mentally, reduces stress and increases well-being, but cannot replace conventional cancer care, surgery or psychiatric care. On the other hand, Reiki can be a valuable complement to these, such as in the USA, Great Britain and France. 

Insomnia, cerebral palsy, sciatica, muscle aches, mental and physical tension; The list of areas where Reiki is helpful can be made long. Often our body and our psyche have the solution to our problems, but have lost "access" to it. Reiki does not add anything new to the client, but helps the person to heal him/herself.

That does not mean that Reiki can cure everything. On the other hand, the increased well-being can make it easier to live with a serious illness and thus create a higher quality of life for the individual. Energy used to cope with pain and anxiety is released to take care of the disease in a better way. Many physical ailments have a mental or emotional cause; pain and tension are often caused by stress, sadness, worry and repressed emotions. Reiki works simultaneously on the physical and the emotional plane, and dissolves the tensions and releases what once caused them. The emotions can then come to the surface so that you can process them.

The deep relaxation Reiki provides helps the body heal itself. Of course, what Reiki can accomplish also depends on the cause of the problem. If sciatica is caused by a herniated disc, Reiki can not "cure" this, but instead relieves the muscle tension that arises in connection with the pain that the herniated disc causes, thus reducing the muscle pressure on the sciatic nerve. The herniated disc remains, but it will be easier to live with it. If it is instead so-called "false sciatica", which is only caused by muscle tension that presses on the sciatic nerve, Reiki can be a fully sufficient treatment method to become symptom-free.

As I said, Reiki can not cure cancer, but a cancer patient can get significant support by supplementing with Reiki. Both the disease and the treatment with its side effects are today associated with pain and the fear of dying. With Reiki, the patient can be helped to reduce both anxiety and pain, and thus increase their quality of life and get more energy to live with the disease and hopefully recover. In England, Reiki is used specifically for patients undergoing treatment for cancer. In case of serious illness, you should always seek medical attention in the first place. If you want to supplement with Reiki, you must always complete the treatment prescribed by your doctor!

Gokai - Reiki's five principles 

Reiki's founder, Mikao Usui, formulated five basic principles - Gokai - as a guide for personal and spiritual development. The first time you read or hear them, they may appear too universal or mundane, but if you look at them more closely, you will find that in their simplicity they hold great wisdom without becoming specific in such a way that they contradict any beliefs, spiritual or scientific. Many Reiki practitioners repeat Gokai as a daily meditation. 


Just for today: 

...should I let go of all my anger 

....should I let go of all my worries

..should I feel grateful 

...will I carry out my work honestly and responsibly 

...should I be kind to everyone I meet 

Reiki is not a religion 

Reiki is not a religion, but can be used as a tool for personal and spiritual development, whether you are a believer (regardless of religion) or a non-believer. In addition to giving yourself Reiki, there are also meditations and exercises that you can weave into your daily life. 

My name is Karolina Kaplan and I am a Reiki Master (teacher). I give Reiki treatments and educate others in Reiki. I also work/ live as an interdimensional, esoteric medium. My base is in Sweden but I also work internationally.  Distance is not a problem since Reiki easily travels from healer to receiver in no time. As a medium I work online via Zoom or messenger and also on the phone. 

Want to try it out? 

I hope you got a slightly better idea of what Reiki can do for you. That said, only when you have tried a treatment will you understand what Reiki IS for you. I happily send Reiki all over the world! Distance Reiki is very effective and travels at the speed of energy. 

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